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Electrohomeopathy invented by Dr.Count ceasar Mattei of bologna city in Italy in 1865.Which is very simple but most effective based on natural healing process by purely herbal remedies and thus free from any adverse effects. Dr.Mattei founded this medical science on the world famous theory of “Saint paracelsus” a renowned chemist, botanist, and a mystic in 15th century in Europe.

The theory is based on “Effects of cosmic rays & the bioelectricity and healing power in plants on human body.” Mattei prepared medicines by spagyrical cohobation ( repeated distillation ) by which is the life of the plants are collected in the form of micro, macro, and trace elements of the herbs. Using law of similarity and application of those remedy were according to law of polarity and discovered electropathy based on “Complex complexa curenture.” Which means our body made of cells, tissue, organs, system and hence it required complex medicine to cure Electropathy treats the Constitution and not the disease with its accompanying symptoms only. It’s aim is to purify the life fluids “Blood and Lymph” This system of treatment depends mainly upon the principle that somehow or other the vitiated conditions of the blood and lymph are the generating cause of abnormal changer and the first morbid effect which give rise to disease.

EH alone is a unique pathy in the world, which uses purely herbal remedies only. unlike other pathies it doesn’t use any chemicals, toxins, minerals, and substances of animal origin etc.

Advantages of Electrohomeopathy.

  1. Medicines are non poisonous. Thus do not create drug disease or leave any bad effects.
  2. They supply food for the red blood carpuscles of the blood and nourish the white corpuscles of the blood and lymph.
  3. They gives tone to the brain and nerves by which the bodily process are controlled and strengthen the organs of digestion.
  4. They furnish useful elements to the plasma of the blood and they provide neutrients for the cells of which the tissues are built.
  5. They promote the expulsion through the skin and other channes, of morbid and superfluous substance
    Which interfere with the health of the body.
  6. They give to the blood & lymph and more particularly to the leucocytes which are found in those fluids, such additional vigour and vitality as enables them more successfully to attack, weaken neutralise, destroy, and expel the bacilli and other disease producing germs which invade the organism.
  7. They do not simply cure the particular disease for which they are prescribed, but at the same time do much good to the Constitution of the patient who use them.